Welcome to Corner Office Conversations— Insider Perspectives on C-Level Executive Selling.

This blog started out a number of years ago as nothing more than a place to quickly and easily articulate a few of the things I’ve learned and observed over my 30+ years of dealing with high-end, C-Level sales. People kept telling me I should write down some of my experiences selling big concepts and deals on a global level, and this seems like as good a place to start as any. It is a personal effort-- I created, launched and maintain it (design, content, editorial and other warts and all) myself, so I take responsibility for the inevitable shortcomings and flaws, technical and otherwise.

Why am I writing this?

You see, I’ve sat on both sides of the table. I’ve sold ½ billion dollars worth of products at the executive level, but probably more importantly, I’ve bought ½ billion dollars worth of products as a CEO, COO and Senior Executive. I know what works and what doesn't when "selling" to senior C-Level executives. And I'm sick of everybody and his/her brother/sister with a background in "training" and a couple of years experience as a sales grunt trying to tell people how to become a "trusted advisor" (I hate that phrase!) to influential executives when they've never rub shoulders with nor gone toe-to-toe with a CxO themselves! Talk about "blind leading the blind..."

So, as often as not, the topic will be a personal experience or maybe just an observation about something the bugs me about what I see and hear in world of relatively generic sales training.

My secondary objective-- give a helping hand to the “young turks” out there who have the ambition and ability to “move up the food chain” and transform their sales careers forever. You are out there, and for the most part, you know who you are. If you hear the siren's call and want to do something exceptional by pushing past the staid, lowest common demoninator of what you will read in most sales books or get out of most ½ day seminars, pull up a chair and let's talk.

The old Madison Avenue adage goes,

“If you want to know why John Smith buys what John Smith buys, you’ve got to see the world through John Smith’s eyes.”

And yet it astounds me how many people come to CxOs and try to sell significant, strategic capital investment opportunities the same way they’d sell a pallet of paper clips or even a used car.

Time to take a look at the world through CEO “John Smith’s” eyes…