You will NEVER sell to, partner with or build any kind of business at the C-Level
until you learn to think, act and speak like a C-Level executive.
Are you:
  • As tired as I am of the trite, milk toast platitudes you hear from most sales and business development "experts?"
  • Hoping that somewhere there is someone who is not just trying to sell you their own book?
  • Sick of hearing about the latest spin on "Tips, Tricks, Techniques and Tie-downs?"
  • Looking for someone with experience on both sides of the "buying table" that will tell you what it really takes
    to have credibility and exhibit value to top executives that demonstrates that you are
    not just another sales jockey?
Read some of the ravings of a "Corner Office Curmudgeon" and feel free to contact me directly....
  • I'll speak to anyone on the phone for 15 minutes, and if I think I can help you,
  • we'll schedule another 15-minute critique of your general "pitch."
Beyond that, I may or may not be available for further consultation, training, coaching and mentoring, depending on my schedule.